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Family Law in Katy

If you are looking for legal guidance or representation during a stressful period, contact the family law specialists at David H. Heller Attorney At Law. For over 40 years, our law office has offered counsel and representation in all areas of family law. Our comprehensive team will make sure you achieve the outcome you deserve. To schedule your consultation, call our receptionist at (281) 599-8775 today.

Family Law Firm

Our firm specializes in family law cases. As diligent attorneys, skillful negotiators, and passionate professionals, we offer our clients unmatched legal representation alongside personalized attention and care. We recognize that family law matters are among the most emotionally challenging legal issues to face. Our attorneys will partner with you and provide consistent, compassionate support every step of the way so that you can navigate your case in a straightforward and expedient manner.

Some examples of the types of cases we take on include:

  • Nuptial agreements
  • Contested or uncontested divorce
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

Our legal team is wholly devoted to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in our practice. We pledge sound, individualized counsel from start to finish. In or out of court, with us by your side, you will receive the legal guidance you need to protect your rights, protect your family, and, ultimately, resolve your case.

Consult with a Family Law Attorney

As a law firm, we are committed to giving each of our clients honest and accurate case evaluations. We invite you to schedule a consultation with us, where we can sit down with you one on one and discuss your legal needs in-depth.

Meet with us, and we will listen carefully to your needs in a strictly confidential environment. With compassion and candor, your attorney will explain the necessary legal proceedings in Texas to achieve your goals. Together, we'll develop a strategy tailored to your unique situation. We will also thoroughly respond to all your concerns, and satisfactorily answer all your questions.

Our hope is that you will have the chance to get to know us and familiarize yourself with our approach during this initial consultation. We believe that our professionalism and expertise will earn your confidence in our firm.

Divorce Legal Representation

As your divorce lawyer, we will work relentlessly to secure fair agreements and property divisions. Some examples of the services we can help you with include:

  • Filing a petition with the court to initiate divorce proceedings
  • Forming post-nuptial agreements
  • Seeking spousal maintenance

Rest assured, we boast decades of experience in mediation and are seasoned negotiators as a result. We will argue your case tirelessly with the opposition to reach a settlement in your best interests. Throughout the mediation process, we will be highly communicative. You can rely on us to relay your options to you at every stage and revise your strategy as situations change and evolve. If we cannot settle on a compromise, we will continue to fight and defend your legal rights in court.

Are You Seeking the Services of a Family Law Lawyer?

If you and your spouse are in the process of separating, you might be wondering what the appropriate course of action is. You might be wondering if you should consult a lawyer immediately, or simply wait and see if they seek legal representation first. Maybe you're not too concerned with the division of assets, or maybe you're too overwhelmed to even think matters through clearly.

It is only natural to feel stress when you're faced with the many challenges of a separation. With our help, though, we can make sure your divorce proceedings are finalized quickly, rather than have you endure a drawn-out process.

Are you unsure whether now is the time to seek legal advice? Our complimentary advice is this: In times such as these, it is never too early. We promise you will only benefit from reaching out to us. We promise. We look forward to hearing from you.

Board-Certified and Highly Qualified Family Law Attorneys at Your Service

David Heller is a Board-Certified attorney with over 40 years of experience practicing law in the state of Texas. Our team places a strong emphasis on:

  • Family-First Services: Our team is available around the clock for whatever you may need during the process. What's more, we are capable of helping you find any important information you may need for your case.
  • Knowledge: No matter the question, we'll find the answer.
  • Results: We have high standards, but it is your standards we aim to meet. We'll make sure you get the care and outcome you rightly deserve.

Our Family Lawyers Are Sensitive to Your Needs and Situation

No two families exist under the same circumstances. No two families separate under the same circumstances, either. We will take the time to learn everything that is pertinent to your case.

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